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For all your technical drawing work, engineering design, consultancy needs!


Caelenium is a young and dinamic drafting and engineering company.

Caelenium undertakes all aspects of the HVAC design and engineering services. Due to the continues improvement strategy we are mainly focussing on HVAC systems with optimisation of heat recovery according to the new EU standard designs. Also, adiabatic cooling is often used to provide cost effective cooling for comfort as well as production cooling.

Our design and engineering services can supply:


  • Consultancy on existing equipment

  • Full HVAC system auditing

  • Advice on different applications, adiabatic cooling, free cooling, etc.

  • Plant and equipment advice

  • Full system design

  • Feasibility studies

  • System profiling, helping existing systems operate more efficiently

  • Energy advise

  • Autocad 2D HVAC design

  • Autocad Revit 3D HVAC design

  • Autocad BIM HVAC design

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